If you have at times experienced an innate feeling to silently shy away from exposing your legs in public, maybe on account of a fine network of spider veins running all along your legs, be assured that this embarrassment is certainly not yours alone. Spider veins are those tiny clusters of purple, blue or red veins that can inconveniently make an appearance along your ankles, calves and thighs.

Common Factors

In some individuals, spider veins can become visible though these women may still be in their early twenties, while for others, these tiny veins may no be so apparent till they have reached well past their early forties. Men too may have spider veins, but these are commonly concealed by their leg hair growth.

Factors that may largely be responsible for progressive spider veins development in your legs can include:

  • Hormonal shifts
  • Pregnancy
  • Heredity
  • Activities or occupations that necessitate prolonged standing or sitting
  • Weight gain

Cosmetic Spider Vein Therapy Procedure

Anesthesia is not required for Sclerotherapy or spider vein therapy. To obtain better results, two sessions, occasionally more, each lasting under an hour of treatment, are normally required. Your spider vein cosmetic surgeon will first inject sclerosing solution into each of your affected vein, which will make it collapse and gradually fade out.

Though this may vary in different individual cases, your surgeon will generally give you a single injection per inch for every one of your spider veins undergoing treatment. Your surgeon may at times opt to make use of magnification and bright lights for ensuring highest precision while your skin will remain tautly held as sclerosing solution is being injected. Upon completion of each site, he will normally wrap a compression tape around each site injected.

Spider Vein Therapy Recovery Period

After your spider vein therapy procedures, your cosmetic surgeon may suggest use of a support hose which will help quicker healing of your legs. You may usually feel moderate leg cramping during the first couple of days which will gradually subside and does not necessitate prescribed medications.

Suitability for Spider Vein Therapy

Spider vein therapy procedures are highly individualized forms of treatment that may usually be performed on any age group and are considered a suitable option, if:

  • spider veins along any part of your body are an irritable embarrassment
  • you agree to precisely follow the treatment therapy prescribed by your cosmetic surgeon
  • you have realistic expectations and a positive approach towards your spider vein therapy

Spider Vein Therapy Complication and Side Effects

Though usually considered safe, spider vein therapy is no exception to other surgical procedures. Some general risks may include infection, bleeding, unfavorable scarring, persistent pain, skin sensitivity, ulceration, and other minor risks common associated with surgery.

Spider Vein Therapy Costs

Costs are without doubt a vital consideration, especially for elective treatments. But, they widely vary in spider vein therapy, as no two set of cases are ever the same. Major factors involved are your surgeon’s fee, type and scope of surgery performed, and specific geographical location.